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After many wonderful years of breeding, raising and loving my horses, I have decided to retire and move on to other adventures.

-Lois Byron

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Transportation inquires please contact lois@deerhornequineranch.ca

Welcome to our Ranch's Website!
A word from Lois Byron

I, Lois, along with my four children, Brandon, Amber, Frazer and Tayllor, welcome you to take a look at Deerhorn Equine Ranch.

Deerhorn Equine Ranch is family owned and operated, and it has been with good fortune and great pleasure that we have been in the industry since 1991. Our ranch is conveniently located along a major highway (Highway #6) approx. 85 miles north-west of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Here is just a little taste of some of the sites and sounds we are fortunate enough to experience living here in the Interlake region of Manitoba: Honking Canada Geese flying overhead, busy preparing for the nesting season; frogs croaking day and night off in the distance; Killdeers busy making nests in the barnyard and Whitetail Deer grazing in the fields; and wonderful views of the Northern Lights that are just unexplainably beautiful.

Amongst all of this is where I, and my four children, raise our crossbred horses. With a mare herd of 82 and 5 stallions, we hope we will be able to provide you with a horse that will suit your needs.

Horses are our way of life, so it is with great pride and love that we do our best to raise them in a stress-free environment. We live an honest life and we raise our horses from our hearts.

" I purchased my first load of horses from Lois in 2001 and promptly returned for another load in 2002. I now have 9 head and they make up the core of outfitting string.

These horses, which I call "Canadian Crossbreds", are the best overall group of mountain horses I've seen and I've been in the business for 25 years.
" I purchased My Bella (Radar's and Tweedle's filly) in 2008 as a yearling. I first saw her on Lois's website and knew I had to have her. I had always wanted a thoroughbred/draft cross. I had spoken to Lois and she was great and she helped arrange transportation for Bella. The moment she arrived she has been the sweetest horse ever. "
" When Winnie arrived in Montreal in early May, she was well mannered, affectionate and absolutely gorgeous. Today follows me willingly everywhere, including through water, and her gaits are wonderful. I am in constant awe of her. She is the fastest learning horse I've ever had to work with. She responds wonderfully... "
Welcome to our Ranch's Website! Take a look at all of our available horses A page featuring our proud Stallions! Featuring our great collection of beautiful Mares! A gallery of many of our fine horses. Testimonials from very happy and gracious customers that have purchased our horses! A page dedicated to some special horses. Contact Us regarding anything about our horses or the website!